Swimco is looking for swimsuit models

Swimco is looking for swimsuit models

Owner & President shares her vision and commitment to body positive marketing and using real people as models in campaigns

On February 15th, 2018 Swimco, Canada’s leading swimwear retailer, hosted a spring preview at The Broadview Hotel in Toronto where Owner & President, Lori Bacon, shared her vision and commitment to body positive marketing campaigns, using real people as models indefinitely.

“Our commitment with this new campaign direction is to show our customers body types that are real and relatable. When a  customer walks into our stores or visits our website and sees someone that resonates with them, we hope this will help put them at ease. We are committed to providing a judgment-free environment where our customers feel welcomed, confident and celebrated because for us, it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you live. And if you live with confidence, you will be free to enjoy the very best moments of your life. We want each of our customers in store and online to find a swimsuit that will help them feel confident, help them feel good half naked.” 

In October 2017, Swimco made a conscious decision to focus their marketing efforts highlighting people who lead aspirational lives, rather than what society has defined as “aspirational bodies” and hired inspiring real people who personified this new direction — people living their best lives. These “models” collaborated on a photoshoot on the beaches of Hawaii for a campaign titled #swimsuitmodel. The experience and results from this photoshoot inspired the brand to make their #swimsuitmodel campaign permanent.  

Swimco's Campaign Video: What Makes A Body Beautiful Is That It’s Yours


Bacon added, “It’s important to us to show our customers images that are aspirational. Images of people living their very best life, feeling confident in their bodies and showing self-love. It shouldn’t be about wanting a six-pack, or a tight bum, or toned thighs. It should be about owning who you are and the body in which you live. There’s no right or wrong body type. There’s no right or wrong way to live your life.”

Swimco is now Canada’s largest swimwear retailer with an eCommerce website and 24 stores nationwide and growing—owned and operated by family, including strong female leaders, 2 generations running. It’s no surprise that their brand direction would join the ranks of other brave brands and individuals taking bold steps to show people’s bodies as they actually are rather than perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.

Bacon concluded, “We want to ensure our customers feel safe, welcomed and appreciated for who they are and the life they live. Our in store and online Fit Experts will help you find the perfect fitting swimsuit. Often times, you’ll leave with something you didn’t come in looking for, but something that makes you smile and excited for your upcoming adventures. We are committed to maintaining an environment where you feel confident about who you are and the life you live.”



About Swimco

Swimco started in Calgary in 1975 by current President Lori Bacon’s mother, Corrine Forseth, as a mail-order swimwear business, originally catering only to swim teams and lifeguards. As the company grew, fashion brands were added to the lineup and the business began opening brick-and-mortar stores, starting with a shop in Kensington, Calgary. Swimco has since expanded across Canada with 24 locations and an e-commerce platform, swimco.com, in 2014. Today, Lori’s brother Steve Forseth and husband David Bacon are also Swimco co-owners, with her son Brett on the team as the Culture Curator.